Casino Bonuses


Attracting new players is an important aspect of a casino’s life, since some of the old players will leave, and just to stay at the same level the casino will have to replace them. With so much competition out there among casinos, it’s no easy feat these days to attract new players and get them to create an account, and then to actually deposit funds. The casinos try to help them decide by offering various bonuses and promotions to new players, but at the same time they have some programs in place to make sure that they reward customer loyalty, giving something back to older players on a regular basis.

A few different types of bonuses will generally be offered to new players, and you can read all about them below.

No Deposit Bonuses

These are the bonuses that are offered to players that create an account, without making a deposit. Some casinos will give them free real money to play, in order to get them to enjoy themselves, and to see what the games are about. This type of bonus is a good idea for the player, because he doesn’t get to spend money out of his pocket, and yet he will be able to test the games of the casino, not the free to play versions, with imaginary money. Using real money and winning real prizes gives the player a better experience, and he should be more likely to deposit funds than he would be after trying the free slots, which have no real stakes.

The disadvantage of these no deposit bonuses is that while you get the free money, you can’t exactly collect your winnings and cash out at the end of the day. The player needs to gamble the money multiple times, and he also needs to place a deposit of his own, before he is allowed to withdraw it.

Despite this disadvantage, the player still gets to play with real money, and you never know when you might win a big prize with the help of a no deposit bonus, making it all worthwhile.

Usually, getting a bonus of this type will cancel any possibility of getting a bonus on your first deposits with a casino, so that’s something to ponder about, whether you want one or the other. If you’re serious about using that casino, and you already know what to expect, consider getting the bonus on your first account funding.

Deposit Bonuses

These bonuses are given to players that create an account with the casino, and then make their first deposit. The casino will usually either match that first deposit, within a certain limit, or will give him a smaller (50%), or higher bonus (150-200%). In some cases, these bonuses are offered for multiple deposits. A player might get bonuses for each of the first two or three deposits with the casino, which encourages him to keep adding funds and playing with them.

The bonuses received on deposits have disadvantages of their own. While it’s free extra money, the player has to meet certain conditions before he can make a withdrawal, which usually includes playing the money multiple times in the casino.